National Wellness Day

Since we opened our doors in 1868, we’d like to think we’ve changed a fair bit.

There’s been over £40 million worth of investment since our beginnings, and we somehow doubt we would have 1000 visitors each day if we were still a dry venue! But one thing we do like to stick to our roots with, is our attitudes to wellness.crieff-hydro-1904_52683

Our story began with guests checking in to try out the latest in fashionable freezing spring-water cures. Almost 150 years later; we’ve introduced some brilliant new products, added just the right amount of heat to our pools – and our water cures are as popular as ever… although a lot more relaxing!

We’ve substituted the weird and wonderful water prescriptions of 19th century Hydro, for spa treatments, a sauna, steam room, spa bath and our perfectly heated Victorian spa pool. To create a much more pleasant (and warmer) water based experience.


In the spa we partnered up with BABOR, the number one in German professional skincare, and we don’t think BABOR could be more at home than here at the Hydro. Their treatments use the healing power of water in their methods and in all of the products themselves.


Our leisure facilities have taken a different turn too, gone are the days when one had to arrive to take part in exercise suited and booted. We’ve now got over 20 cardiovascular machines and a full timetable of fitness classes.

We waved goodbye to the peculiar ‘exercise’ regimes offered back in 1868. These days if you’re looking to shed a few pounds or increase upper body strength, then our team are on hand with some real scientific advice – unlike this curious contraption that we offered all those years ago!


Alongside some of our more strenuous classes, we recently included yoga in our exercise timetable. Yoga focusses on strength, balance, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing.


We’ve definitely changed a lot, (you couldn’t have jumped on a quad and roared around the off-road track back in the day, most-unsightly!) but it’s nice to know that our founding messages of being a centre for wellness are still relevant.

Thank goodness for science and technology for helping us find a more therapeutic way of getting our message across!


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