Caledonian Camino

It looks like we’re going to find ourselves in the midst of a 185-mile walkway.

No, don’t worry – The Proclaimers haven’t taken over Crieff…


Plans for the ‘Caledonian Camino’ – a pilgrimage from the Isle of Iona, through Crieff and right across to St Andrews are beginning to take form.

The planned route from East Coast to West Coast will pass through Oban, Tyndrum, Crieff and Dundee. And Crieff Community Trust are busily putting together the best route through town, for the walk across Scotland.

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One of the five sections of the pilgrimage, the 70-mile Fife stretch, is already underway. It gained support from a £400,000 Heritage Lottery Fund award and should be ready for walkers by 2018.

The SPRF (Scottish Pilgrim Routes Forum) plan to use the success of the Fife scheme as a platform to promote and secure a path for the rest of the walk.


The project is inspired by Camino de Santiago – the famous Spanish pilgrimage – which welcomes around 200,000 people each year. The Scottish route is part of a bigger European movement to revive pilgrimages (although it might be a tad chillier here in Scotland!).


As walking and cycling have become increasingly popular – it’s hoped that the route will not only attract spiritual walkers. Iona and St Andrews are considered two of Scotland’s most iconic religious sites, but organisers would also like the route to become a rival for the West Highland Way.


Some of the route is still very much in the planning stages. Permission from landowners, and of course, a method of taking walkers across the Atlantic from Mull to Oban are still to be arranged.

Of course you’ve still got Crieff’s trusty old hill, The Knock, to rely on while plans are finalised for the Caledonian Camino.


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