National Dog Day

Whip out the biscuits and buy a new chew-toy, because today is National Dog Day!

There’s no greater love in the world than that of an owner and their beloved dog.

No one is ever as consistently happy to see you arrive at the door than your furry extended-family member. Wagging their tail in celebration at your mere arrival, is a level appreciation that’s otherwise hard to find.

There aren’t many relationships in the world where one party is happy to dish out so much love and enthusiasm without fear of rejection. The darling dog will come back time and again, even when their loving efforts are rebuffed by a busy owner.

Senior Man with Dog

You won’t find that kind of loyalty from a cat, out there chasing birds and playing hard to get. The cat doesn’t need you – but a dog will be there for you throughout the good and the bad, always by your side.


We have Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and now on the top of our agenda is National Dog Day.

A day to celebrate our four legged-friends, and generally appreciate their existence in our lives.

It isn’t just the impact on our family lives that warrant the celebration of dogs, even those of us that don’t own a dog have plenty to be thankful to man’s best friend for.

They provide the blind with a level of independence which would be otherwise impossible. They stand by the police in their day to day duties. They detect bombs and drugs to keep us safe, and they locate victims buried under wreckage… Great work dogs!


We say it’s time to treat our tail-wagging buddies, and repay some of that unconditional love that they doggedly dish-out.

Here at Crieff Hydro we like to make sure that there’s something for all of the family, and welcome your pooches with open arms. We’ve got 900 acres of land for you and your hairy-mate to spend some quality time together, and you can bring your pet along to your dinner at the Clubhouse or in our sister hotel – the Murraypark.


All of our self-catering facilities are dog-friendly, and you can even check your furry-friend in to one of our executive rooms! There are kennels too, if your pup prefers to camp outside.

So join us to celebrate this year’s National Dog Day and surprise your canine chum with a trip to Crieff Hydro! Book now.


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