Introducing Our New Spa Ranges

We’ve refreshed, rejuvenated and revitalised our Spa, with two new relax-inducing product ranges…

First up, we’re proud to announce that we’ve introduced the number one in German professional skincare – BABOR – to our Spa. With their tailor made products and lasting results, #WeAdoreBABOR!


Coming from the spa town of Aachen in Germany – the award winning European products are crafted to suit each individual skin type. All of the treatments begin with a professional skin consultation to work out which products best suit your skin’s needs.

BABOR combine cutting edge technology with natural healing botanicals in their glass ampoules of goodness.

BABOR since 1956 cleansing sets

The facials follow an eight step process with a warm and cool compresses applied between each treatment. The change from warm to cool leaves the skin feeling fresh and full of life. You can feel everything on the skin’s surface when the cool compress lifts off. The technique helps to boost circulation in the skin, and leaves you with a lasting healthy skin tone.

All of our Spa team have been fully trained by an expert from BABOR on how to deliver the treatments, so you’ll get the best results from these little ampoules.


BABOR’s beautiful results on the skin aren’t our only reason for choosing them for our spa. When we opened our doors in 1868 as a hydropathic treatment hotel, it was water cures all around. With BABOR’s use of the healing power of water throughout all of their treatments and in the products themselves, we felt they would be right at home here at the Hydro.

Let’s introduce you to another addition to our Spa – next up, Aromatherapy Associates.

Aromatherapy Associates use completely natural ingredients in all of their products and keep them free of harsh chemicals and unnecessary synthetics.


The personalised massages begin with a treatment consultation where you’ll fill out a form highlighting any problem areas. There are questions about digestion, skin type and stress levels which can be anything from asking if you spend long hours at the computer, to if you’ve got sinus problems.

One of our therapists will use the information to select three different oils which are relevant to your highlighted issues. You’ll choose your favourite scent to be used throughout the treatment.


The molecules in Aromatherapy Associates’ oils are so fine that they actually enter the bloodstream through the hair shaft. The oil penetrates the skin and will stay in the body for around eight hours, so you’ll feel the benefits long after your treatment.

The treatment is about you – just you, and no one else. If you’re finding that you’ve been carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, and would like the attention to be focussed on releasing the tension from your back, then your therapist will do just that! Of course if you want them to avoid a particular area altogether, they’ll do that too.


Check out our Spa Brochure to find the new treatment for you at the Crieff Hydro Spa.


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