National Afternoon Tea Week

It’s time to look out those teapots and proudly extend one’s pinky finger on end.

This week we are celebrating National Afternoon Tea Week. Once a rather stuffy and formal affair, the afternoon tea has reinvented itself and made a huge come back as the new and trendy thing to do.


The tradition started in the tea-drinking capital that is England, back in 1840. The Duchess of Bedford was having a real hard time trying to keep up with the fashion of having her dinner at 8pm. The long gap between lunch and dinner left the poor Duchess going hungry.

To remain on top of fashion and get around her “hunger spells” she decided that a tray of tea, sandwiches and cake should be brought to her room in the late afternoon. She shared the delightful new habit with her friends and it soon progressed to a full-blown social craze.


And why wouldn’t it – what’s not to love about tea, cakes and sandwiches.

Afternoon tea has since become more of a social event rather than an actual mealtime (although if you’re going to do a Duchess of Bedford and have afternoon tea every day, what better week to do it?)

There’s certainly much more variety than in the Duchess’ day…

There are themed afternoon teas – with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Mad Hatters Tea Parties – and you can mix it up from the typical English experience with Indian, Oriental and French inspired afternoon teas.


You can even get rid of the tea all together and substitute in some champagne, gin or even whisky or beer. The options are endless for those out there who feel a little hankering coming on between lunch and dinner.

Here at Crieff Hydro we are all about embracing the modern twist on the traditional afternoon tea with our Hendricks, whisky or Prosecco offerings. Have your tipple in a teapot we say!


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