Crieff High Street

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Some are big, some are small. Some are man-made, some are natural. Some have tartan sheep, some don’t. They’re all very different but they all have one vital thing in common – we love them! And here’s why…

#9 Crieff High Street


Only a five-minute stroll from our front door, the quaint little High Street is lined with loads of independently owned Scottish businesses.

Of course, it’s got all the fundamental essentials that we couldn’t live without – a hole in the wall, supermarket and a petrol station. But there’s an unspoilt, old-worldly feel to the street which makes it the perfect setting for all of the one-of-a-kind little shops.

You won’t find clones of these wee shops popping up elsewhere, and the businesses are doing pretty well too! There’s no need to look any further than Crieff High Street to find some award-winning celeb-recommended food.


Fish in Crieff hooked the Fishmonger of the Year Award at last year’s Scottish Independent Retailer Awards. If you’re staying in our self-catering facilities, pop in and get something fresh! For something ready to eat, stop in at award-winning Campbell’s Bakery, which carries a strong recommendation from Crieff’s very own Ewan McGregor. They’ve been a popular stop on Crieff High Street for almost a century, serving the “the pie of all pies” according to Ewan.

It has to be said, it wouldn’t be a trip to the High Street without nipping in to Gordon and Durward’s sweetie shop. Opened in 1925, the traditional confectioner lets you watch the sweets being made in the back of the shop. Think Willy Wonka’s factory minus the Oompa-Loompa’s with a tartan vibe, and you’ve got it . On display in the window is a grandfather clock made totally of sweeties, you can’t miss it!


Now that you’ve got the kids sorted out with some sweets, it’s time to seek out the adult treats! Next in line is J.L. Gill’s – specialising in high end Scottish food and drink for over 125 years – this is an ideal stop for gifts… Or maybe just to top-up the alcohol cupboard with some quality liquor.


After all of this shopping it must be time for a pit stop! The bars and restaurants take on a more contemporary vibe, with Delivino’s, The Lounge and The Quaich offering modern interior, food and drink.

Gin lovers, this one is for you, The Square Bar and Kitchen offers 35 different gins from all over the globe.

The Square is one of the High Street’s newest developments and it is run by none-other than Fran, our Brasserie’s former cocktail-maestro.

Interestingly, the town has a history of taking a modern approach. Back in the day, while the town was being predominantly used as the meeting point for exchanging cattle between the highlands and lowlands of Scotland, Crieff became home to Scotland’s first lending library in 1680. You can still visit the library museum just outside of Crieff.

And if all this isn’t enough for you, who knows… You might even bump into Ewan McGregor!



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