T in the Park!!

It’s festival time! T in the Park is finally here and many of you will be stuffing your sleeping bag into its disproportionately tiny sack, packing provisions and practicing setting up your tent as we speak, in preparation for the big weekend ahead.

T in the Park 2011

But for those of you clever people who have opted to rest your head here at the Hydro rather than in blue 1, yellow 3 or green 4, we’ve got 7 top tips for you…

  1. Sadly, T in the Park/Scotland in general hasn’t got the best reputation for being a suntrap. While T has occasionally been known to be a sunny affair, with many a shirtless pink Scotsman spotted making the most of it, it’s best to pack for all eventualities. Wellies are a popular footwear option and a mac in a sack is a must have.


  1. Book a wake-up call. Ask reception when you check in, you’ll want a good night’s sleep but you don’t want to miss the main event!
  2. Fuel up! You’re about to embark on a whole weekend of chaotic fun so it’s good to start on a full stomach. Breakfast is included with your room fee so fill up on haggis, bacon, cereal, fruit or whatever you want from our hot and cold buffet… You’ll have peace of mind that you’ve had at least one substantial meal this weekend.
  3. Next up is transport – City Link have got it covered running busses between Crieff and T in the Park regularly throughout the weekend. The journey is roughly half an hour, so just enough time to get that festival feeling
  4. You’ve been out raving all day, unfortunately, the constant state of fist pumping inevitably takes its toll. Take some down time before embarking on another day of festivities and book in for a relaxing massage or a new BABOR facial treatment at our spa.


  1. Finally, rehydration will be top of the agenda after the weekend’s revelry. Make sure to book in to the Victorian Spa where you can relax, revive and replenish your energy to take the edge off those festival blues before heading home.
  2. Don’t forget your tickets!

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