Bike Week, we salute you!

It’s already half way through June, uh-oh… how did that happen?! Holiday season is well under way and somewhere along the line, our gym motivation fell by the wayside… Oops.

If you’re in the same boat as us, it’s not too late (we hope!) because Bike Week is upon us, and what better way to cram in those finishing touches to our summer bodies than with a week of pedalling off the pounds.

The idea behind this year’s nationwide event is to encourage ‘everyday cycling for everyone’. So for those of you who are chomping at the bit to get out there, only to be thwarted by a flat tyre – the people at Bike Week have got you covered – How to fix a puncture tutorial  – so no excuses!

Cycling is good on so many levels. It will save you money if you can use it in place of the car, it’s definitely better for the environment, but most importantly you’ll burn off some of those pesky calories – what’s not to love?

Whether it be just for fun, commuting or hard-core exercise we’ve put together some of our favourite cycle routes around Crieff.

  1. Three routes – one superb view. You can borrow a bike here at the Hydro and take on one of our tracks around ‘The Knock’ (that steep wooded hill overlooking Crieff). Whether out for a leisurely ride, or ready to try something a bit more tricky, we’ve got a route to suit.

bike map

  1. Of course we have to mention Crieff’s big cycling community project – the Muthill to Crieff path. This route is a work in progress. Opened in April, the Muthill to Templemill section is a self-contained route which opens up to more walking and cycling opportunities.

It is the first phase of the Crieff Community Trust project which aims to create a direct off-road path between Muthill and Crieff. If you’d like to know more about the project, take a look at the Facebook page

  1. Willing to go a little further afield to take in some classic Scottish scenery? Only a 45-minute drive from Crieff is the 17-mile Loch Tay route. Starting in Killin, this hilly track lets you take in beautiful views of the surrounding mountains while cycling around the loch. Find out more about The Loch Tay route

loch tay

So, from all of us here at the Hydro, we hope you have a wheelie-good Bike Week… (Sorry, had to be done!)


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