Our Bad!

We’re not perfect. There, we said it.

Despite our best efforts, sometimes we make mistakes and when we do, we hold our hands up and say “our bad”. Or, you know, something a little more caring. Either way, we admit to our faults and do our best to put things right.

But sometimes, it’s not so easy for us to apologise…

  1. The time we ruined Christmas…

We once received a complaint (in March!) from a gentleman that was looking for some compensation after he didn’t get to eat a single bite of his Christmas lunch. Not so much as a pig in blanket!

The reason? Because he’d eaten so much at our self-service breakfast buffet on Christmas morning that he couldn’t face eating his lunch hours later…

pratt what

Erm, our bad?

  1. TV trouble…

A guest made the trip down to Reception at around 10pm one night to complain that he was having some pretty serious issues watching television and, just in case we thought he was fibbing, he brought evidence…

feet complaint

The issue was that, when lying down flat on the bed, he was struggling to see the wall mounted TV at the end of the bed because his feet were in the way. We did try our best to argue but he had photographic evidence so that was it, case closed! We politely suggested that he move his feet or perhaps sit slightly higher than horizontal – absolutely unacceptable. So, yes…

Our bad.

  1. Breakfast in bed?

The phone goes at Reception – it’s the guest from room 311. They’ve just had breakfast in bed delivered to them… Uh oh! Not another Englishman who doesn’t understand Lorne sausage? No. It’s not that…

*Phone rings*

“Hello, you’ve reached Wendy at Reception. How can I help?”

“Hi, we’ve just had our breakfast in bed delivered to the room. Is it OK if we eat it on the chair by the desk instead and not actually in bed?”

“Erm yes, of course. You could even eat it in the bath if you’d like to!” *Laughter*

“Right, well you really should have made that clearer before now.”

*Hangs up*

phone what

Once again, that’s our bad.

  1. We’ll have the chicken to go, please

A lady complained after we refused to allow her to make a room reservation here at the Hydro…

We should probably mention that when she had stayed with us previously she snuck a live chicken into her bedroom, ordered it room service, allowed it to peck, scratch and erm, well, make a mess all over one of our bedrooms causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage!

But regardless – that’s our bad.


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