Battle of the blues

When it comes to battling the January blues, there’s only one person here that we would turn too, our spa manager, Fiona. So before she jetted off to warmer climates, we asked her for her tips and tricks to get us through to spring:

January – yuck! Every part of my body is freezing cold and if one more person tells me it is snowing outside I will scream! Instead of cocooning myself in multiple layers, hot water bottles and sleeping until it’s spring I thought that it was time to go back to what I love – wellness. I should be able to beat the January blues! If you feel like I do, try some of these simple steps and see if something shifts for you, if it doesn’t don’t worry, spring is around the corner….I can feel it in-between my freezing toes.


Take Care of Yourself
This is the perfect time to have long relaxing aromatherapy baths, use your favourite face mask or exfoliate every inch of your body. A little pampering can go a long way this time of year.

Clarins Facial - small

Small Steps
If you feel like staying in bed all day do it, I know I would! One day of being super lazy can be comforting but it won’t do you much good in the long run. Taking small steps to lift your spirits will add up to big change over time. Get out in the fresh air (wrap up and head out for a walk), soak up the sun (if it’s out) and see your mood change in moments.

winter walks

Try a new recipe
I did this last week and what joy it can bring, share the meal with family or friends and you will feel better in no time. If you can avoid sugars and fats and find something balancing and satisfying it will leave you feeling healthier and brighter. If that doesn’t work, we’ve got free pudding!

MP Food2

Find something to be grateful for each day. Write it down, say it out loud, dance around the living room singing it – do what you need to do and enjoy it. Today I am grateful that I can go home to a warm house, enjoy a home cooked dinner and relax in front of the TV and maybe even a cheeky glass of red wine!


Thanks Fiona, let’s hope the daffodils are just around the corner.


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