Working out working in a working workout?

If you’ve not already grasped the topic of this post from that crystal clear title then come on already – you’re not working hard enough!

It is quite clearly a guest blog from our in-house personal trainer, Jacek, who’ll be talking you through some of the best ways to workout outside of the gym. Or, more specifically, exercises that are suitable for a workplace environment. So, if you are indeed working out the best way to work in a quick workout into your working day then stop it – you’re working too hard! Jacek has done all of that for you.

And now that we’re all thoroughly warmed up / confused, Jacek can begin…

Want the ‘New Year, New You’ resolution to stick this year? First you need to be willing to make small changes to your lifestyle. It’s that simple.

There are two main aspects here you have to think about: diet and exercise. You will not get great results if you do one without the other.

Diet tips

  • Cut the sugar (Mainly table sugar)
  • Cut the bad fats (Saturated/Trans)
  • Drink more water (2.5l)
  • Stop smoking/drinking
  • Increase the fruit and veg (5 a day)

Preparation is key! – Prepare your healthy lunch in advance and if necessary some healthy snacks so you don’t get drawn in by crisps and sweets (aka the devil).

Drinks – If possible, try not to put any sugar into your tea and coffee and avoid fizzy drinks. One can of Coke alone contains 35g of sugar (which is 10 tea spoons!) Water also plays a very important role in your body so make sure you drink at least 2.5l a day to keep the brain and organs hydrated. By doing so your metabolism will speed up helping to burn some extra calories – total freebie.

Time to quit – If you are a smoker or a drinker make sure you cut  down on both as they both slowly destroying your body from the inside (grim but true). Nicotine will have a negative effect on your heart and lungs. Alcohol will damage your liver and vision.

5-a-day – at least! As many greens as possible.

Bodyweight exercises

Body weight/resistance exercises will help you to tone-up the body, increase strength, increase flexibility and prevent injuries as well as improving balance.

The best part? You don’t have to go to a gym to do these exercises! If you’re an office bod or a busy mum these exercises are ones you can fit in to your day anytime, anywhere…

Do these exercises 15 reps x 4 sets/30sec-60sec    1 min rest between sets.

  • Press-ups

Perfect exercises to increase the strength in your chest muscles as well as triceps. Perform 4 sets of 15 repetitions for best results.

press 1press 2

  • The Desk Hold Squat

Time to bring the energy back to your legs by holding a squat while doing some typing on the computer. This exercise will help strengthen all the muscles in your legs, the quadriceps and hamstrings in particular. Hold for 30 – 60 seconds depending on ability.

squat 1 squat 2

  • Calf raises

Not many people realize how important these muscles are. They help to stabilize the foot while standing, walking or running. Perform them standing in front of your chair holding to the top of it and brining the heels of the ground. Perform 4 sets of 15 repetitions with a minute rest in between every set.

calf 2 calf 1

  • Knee Raise Abductor

Perfect exercise to work on your core muscles. This will help to strength up your abdominal muscles which will benefit in better posture in front of the commuter as well as increase the blood circulation around the body. 4 sets of 15 reps.

knee 1 knee 2 knee 3 knee 4


  • Triceps Dips

Lastly, time to work on those guns by doing some triceps dips using your office chair or a bench. Simply sit down on the chair with your hands close to the bum, both feet flat on the floor in front  you, slide the bum off  keeping the back close to the chair and drop yourself down keeping the elbows pointing to the back of the room. Then, using your arms, push yourself back up and repeat. 100 sets of 200 reps. Just kidding – 4 & 15 again.

tricep 1 tricep 2

Don’t forget about cardio…

The exercises below will improve your cardiovascular system by making the heart and lungs stronger, fitter and more efficient.

  • Jumping Jacks – By doing some jumping jack while waiting on the printer you will also burn some extra calories as well as deliver more oxygen to the brain.
  • High Knees – High knees can be performed any time, anywhere. This high intensity exercise can be performed while waiting on your morning cuppa to brew. The combination of both will definitely give you a good start of the day!
  • Mountain Climbers – Dropped something on the floor? Go down to pick it up and do some mountain climbers at the same time. This will bring your energy level up and might make you think about tidying your desk!

If you would like some more diet and exercise advice feel free to pop in and see me or become a member and enjoy the classes that we offer.

Thanks and good luck with the ‘new you’,



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