Generosity Virus / Anti-virus

We’re not sure when the Hydro towers became a beacon for people with a generosity addiction but it’s happened. It. Has. Happened.

The last couple of weeks has seen generosity spread throughout our team like a virus, only with less headaches, upset tummies and moaning. A good virus. Maybe, it’s an anti-virus? This analogy isn’t working. It’s infectious! That’s the point we’re trying to make here. So, brace yourself because here comes a flood of examples…

Well, Well, Well

Last week, our Gardens and Accounts teams united to recover and then count up (we’ll let you figure out who did what) all of the change that had accumulated in the fountain at the front entrance and the wishing well in our Victorian Gardens. So, to anyone who made a wish for improvements to be made to the Crieff and Strathearn Rugby Club clubhouse, you can sleep soundly tonight knowing that we donated all £216 of change to that cause!

Pudsey People

CiN 2015

This time last week, our People team (with a little help from the chefs) were busy destroying diets all over the Hydro. Practically forcing this blog writer to enjoy a Pudsey cupcake and 2 delicious Pudsey shortbread biscuits! I’m not complaining however because firstly, as i believe I’ve mentioned, they were delicious. Secondly, given a choice between shortbread and comedy Pudsey ears I’ll take shortbread every time (in fact given a choice between shortbread and anything I’ll probably take shortbread. I love shortbread!). And thirdly, most importantly, it was all in the name of charity.

Cupcakes, shortbread, comedy ears, a raffle and a rowing competition = £597.90 for Children in Need

Big Trees, Big Difference

We’ve been working away behind the scenes to carve out and finalise our involvement in the Perthshire Big Tree Country project. And, without wanting to reveal all that we have planned, we’re pleased to say that we’ll soon be donating £1 from every booking we take to help protect and preserve the beautiful Perthshire countryside. Doesn’t sound like a lot? At our busiest periods we can welcome over 1000 guests through our doors in a single day so trust us, it’ll soon add up!

Heroic Levels of Generosity


Each year around Christmas we welcome a whole load of kids, their families and their carers from the national charity that we love to support – Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (or CHAS for short). CHAS is the only charity in Scotland that provides vital hospice services for children and young people with life-shortening conditions. We like to give the kids a festive treat – a Christmas classic in our cinema, a festive lunch in the brasserie, a visit from Santa and then (not so festive) our team all get dressed up as superheroes and spend some time taking photos and having fun with the kids. This year is going to be bigger and better than ever. Not least because, and I’m not joking here, I’ve spent the entire year perfecting my batman voice. As long as the kids only ask questions that require me to say ‘Lie to me!’ or ‘I’m not wearing hockey pads’ then we’re going to be fine


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